• The contract is between the Photographer and the Client as detailed below:

    CIRI Photography

    300 LeAnn Lane, #7

    Brookhaven, MS 39601



    E-mail: [email protected]

  • The Client agrees that he/she is responsible for all parties involved with the agreed upon photo session. If there is an individual involved in the photo session who does not agree to the terms of this agreement the Client assumes responsibility for any liability.


    Digital Images: Client will receive access to an online photo gallery which will contain their digital images within 1-2 weeks. If Client would like to purchase, they can purchase their whole album via digital download for $50. An individual digital picture can be purchased at $5 each. Photographer retains the right to edit the photographs as she sees fit based on experience and expertise and omit any image(s) that do not meet her standards.

    Copyright and Reproduction: All images and copyrights are the property of CIRI Photography. If Client chooses to purchase images, Photographer grants Client full rights to reproduce photos. Client may print an unlimited number of images with the printer of Client’s choosing. Photographer retains copyrights of all images and may use images for promotional purposes.

    Liability: Photographer/Cosmetologist is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children and for themselves and release Photographer/Cosmetologist from any claims against their person or their business. Photographer/Cosmetologist shall not be held responsible for any injuries that the client incurs (including but not limited to sunburns, insect bites, dehydration, etc.) Photographer/Cosmetologist is not responsible for loss or theft of Client’s personal property.

    ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement contains the entire understanding between Photographer and Client. It supersedes all prior agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by all the parties. If the parties want to waive one provision of this agreement, it does not mean that any other provision is also waived. This constitutes an order for one portrait session with CIRI Photography.

    The undersigned have read and understand the contract and agree to the terms and conditions in their entirety.

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